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Due to our shipping volume, Trailer Refrigeration has been able to secure a lower shipping rate with Fedex Ground and we have passed that saving on to you in lower prices.

Trailer Refrigeration, located in Tucson, Arizona, has been providing sales and service of lp gas refrigerators for RV and home use since 1975. Our only business is rebuilding and repairing gas refrigerators. We are a factory authorized sales and service center for Norcold and Dometic RV refrigeration.

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Why Buy Rebuilt Instead Of New?
If your gas refrigerator box looks fine, but stopped cooling, it is normally a faulty cooling unit. Most individuals with only minimal skill can follow the simple instructions and replace the cooling unit themselves. Our rebuilt rv refrigeration cooling units are thoroughly tested prior to shipping. We have shipped to every state in the US. Plus, a rebuilt cooling unit from Trailer Refrigeration carries a Two Year Warranty, as opposed to one year on new units. We also now offer a free Five Year Warranty against leaks in the evaporator.

"I purchased a Dometic core from you folks last year, installed it and it works GREAT! I have highly recommended your business to anyone that has a gas refrigerator." ..Grant

Trailer Refrigeration repairs and rebuilds gas refrigerators for RV's, recreational vehicles and other uses.


COOLING UNITS Rebuilt Cooling Units for most Dometic and Norcold gas refrigerators
SERVICE Repair, Rebuild, Recharge of Ammonia Absorption (Gas) Refrigeration for RV's and Homes.
WARRANTY Why buy an Extended Warranty? Our experienced service allows us to offer retail customers a 2 YEAR Limited Warranty* at no additional cost.
INSTALLATION To remove and reinstall your new cooling unit, click here for instructions.

 "The unit arrived on Tuesday and I installed it in the box on Wednesday and bench tested it for 24 hours, then installed it in the trailer yesterday. It was worth the wait, it works better than it did when I got the trailer about 12 years ago. I had it repaired and recharged locally about 5 or 6 years ago and I don't think it got cold as fast then as it does now. It had hard ice in the freezer in about 6 hours from power-up."...D.Ellis  

"Thank you for your work on my recent purchase of a rebuilt Dometic. Your follow-up was excellent and the unit is performing exactly as you said it would. I am very pleased with the appearance and overall quality of the machine. I'll be sure and recommend you whenever I have the opportunity."...J. Clayton

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